Refund Policy works on a deposit basis. Any balance not disbursed for Orders available on Your account can be refunded at any time. Please reach us at [email protected] with Your Customer ID, the amount to be refunded, and the credit card or PayPal address that was used to place the Order to be refunded. It usually takes from 5 t o10 business days for the money to appear on Your account. has a 5-day auto-acceptance policy. It means that You have five calendar days to take action on an order once it has been submitted to You, including weekends. If You do not request revision on an order after 5 calendar days, it will be automatically considered accepted. For example, an order delivered by GlossyPic on Thursday will be auto-accepted on Tuesday. Refund option is not available for accepted articles.

You may refuse an order after the editor’s revisions if you still don’t like it. For a valid refusal, You must consider the quality level of Your original video material and instructions that were provided to the editor. Your account will not be charged for a refused order and You will not receive the copyright to the work. Your Order will be automatically deleted from your account on our website. If You no longer need the order, please mention that in Your rejection message or e-mail when You refuse the Order so We can delete it quickly. All determinations made by GlossyPic regarding refusals and refunds are incontestable and final.

The Customer is responsible for managing and deleting Orders. Money for your Order can only be refunded when it is deleted from the account.