Frequently Asked


Q: Why GlossyPic?

A: When it comes to creating videos, we definitely choose quality over quantity. We have proven that it is possible to create high quality videos at an affordable price. A committed creative account manager stands behind each project and treats it like his own, that is why we can guarantee high quality of every work with full confidence. So welcome to the new kind of video marketplace!

Q: How does GlossyPic work?

A: You can leave us a note at the “Contact us” page and let us know a little bit about your project. A member of our team will get back to you shortly and help to figure out the right price, timeframe and scope. If everything suits you and you agree to cooperate with us, we use our expertise and network to find the right person for your project.

Q: Who will create my video?

A: GlossyPic is a team of highly professional editors, animators, graphic designers, cinematographers, videographers and more. We hand select only the top 10% of the that applicants and test them thoroughly to guarantee they will meet our standards and workflow and quality standards as a part of our team. We monitor every project consistently to ensuring the quality and efficiency of what we do.

Q: Who are your creative managers?

A: The majority of our creative managers are in-house, full-time workers right here at the head office. They all combine editing or animation skills a few additional professional skills, and that’s what makes each project have no equal.

Q: How do I pay for my video?

A: GlossyPic accepts all major credit cards as well as PayPal.

Q: How do you determine the price?

A: Our pricing model is based on a few factors. They are, raw footage volume, final product length, scripting, text titles, animation, voiceover, turnaround time and suchlike.

Q: How long will it take to get my video?

A: The timeframe depends on the footage volume and the final project length, but editing usually takes us about 2-3 days. Rush delivery is available as well. Animation turnaround time depends on scope and should be counted separately.

Q: Can I get a discount for a big work?

A: Sure! We will be happy to discuss a special offer with you if you need to order multiple videos. Just submit a quote noting that you want to make a few orders.

Q: How many revisions will I get?

A: It usually doesn’t take more than 2-3 revisions before the final export to perfect even the most difficult projects but you can always tell us if you would like to give it another try.

Q: Can you help me with sheet music?

A: Absolutely! We will help you with sheet music, backing track or any other musical requirement as we cooperate with top music libraries and Voice Over artists.

Q: Do you do animation and motion graphics?

A: GlossyPic began as a video editing Service but today we’re a prolific creator of animation and motion graphics. Check out our video gallery to see some examples and reach out when you’re ready to get started. Originally, GlossyPic is a video-editing Service but we have added animation and motion graphics a couple of years ago after your numerous requests. Check out our video gallery to see some examples and reach out when you’re ready to get started.

Q: What about production/shooting?

A: It is a newer competence for us but it’s quickly gaining traction. We’re constantly adding more cinematographers, videographers and producers to our team and we are ready to handle your video needs from start to finish.