Custom video editing service

We offer online video editing and post-production services. There is no need in visiting our studio or making appointments. Glossypic services are designed for your convenience; we can satisfy all your video editing needs remotely. All you need to do is to upload your video files or send them by mail and we will do all the rest.

Our highly professional editors can help you with any type of project, whether it’s a family or event video, corporate, gopro or education footage, TV production or even independent film.


We like to challenge ourselves to create another


How does it work?

Film your memories, then upload raw footage and pictures to our secure server. Tell us what are your favorite clips and let us do the rest. Once we’re done, you can review the work and let us know whether you would like to change something. Simply download the final video when you are satisfied with the result.


Register, describe your project, pay 30% deposit


Upload any footage from any device to our secure storage


We start our fast and professional editing


You receive first draft and perfect your video with 3 free revisions


When you are satisfied, let us know and pay your balance


Download your video securely, enjoy and share

Companies using video content in marketing right now have greater advantage over their competitors.

Wedding video editing

Our professional wedding video editing can improve poor footage, enhance audio quality, and highlight the videographer's best moments. When you work with one of our wedding video editors, you can add special effects, animation, and other modifications to create a stylish, new, and modern clip that you'll adore.

Product video editing

Product videos are fantastic because they effectively mix both creative narrative and marketing concepts. They must be engaging while also being informative, and they must ultimately tell the world about the product you've worked so hard to develop. We ensure a flawless blend of commercial film marketing ethics and story design in order to let your product tell a story.

Real estate video editing

Video brochures featuring contact information for businesses are an excellent marketing tool. The video editing team at Glossypic specializes in creating Video Brochures that may be used in a variety of ways. They can promote a realtor's services and showcase his or her advantages. They're a terrific "giveaway" tool to hand out to potential buyers to keep the photos or video of their future home in their minds.

Holiday video

Our dedicated video editing staff can help you turn your holiday videos into life's most memorable moments. Our key expertise can create and edit anything from vacation footage to picnics, events, and parties, as well as music videos and short films. If you're wondering how to make a travel video that would enthrall your loved ones, we can turn it into unforgettable journey.

Sports video editing

We have the best sports video editors who will work exclusively for you, adding the best cuts, contents, color, motion tracking, video stabilization, and a unique perspective on Sports Video Editing. Glossypic can help you make the leap into the world of technology. We keep in mind the best and most up-to-date tools and software, which is far more accessible and cost-effective.